Closure of IPGeek
We have concluded that due to contraints, of the people who run IPGeek, we are closing our business.
Unfortunately this results in all client accounts being removed from our systems in order to comply with data protection laws. We no longer run a private server to store customer information so cannot garuntee the security of this information.
We have not closed the our hosting accounts however and our clients will still be able to log in and manage their websites. We are not able to continue providing domain registration and will not be renewing any domains registered through ourselves. If you would like to migrate your domain to another provider please get in touch using the form in the basic help page to the left.
WHMCS modules and licensing
We have provided a great collection of modules for the hosting platform WHMCS. These will shortly be open sourced and made available (without support) on the IPGeek github page. More information can be obtained from the basic help page.

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